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CGD Society members share a commitment to a better future for people in the developing world. Our supporters are well-informed professionals, policymakers, advocates, students and other citizens who value independent, rigorous research and active engagement in the policy process and who understand how much can be accomplished through policy change. Society members gain preferred access to the Center's public conferences, events and informal meetings. These are unparalleled opportunities to exchange ideas and information with CGD experts, and with leading figures in international policy, business, NGO, and media circles. Society members also receive copies of select CGD publications throughout the year. To join, we ask Society members to make a gift of $150 or more to help defray the costs of our high quality outreach activities and publications.

For a limited time, current students who are invested in the Center's mission now have the opportunity to join our Society at a discounted rate. To join, click on the CGD Society (Students) option here. For more information, please contact Anna Moran.

CGD Society members appreciate CGD’s governing principles of transparency and independence: They understand we do not accept funding that seeks to impose limits or restrictions on CGD’s independence in research, findings, conclusions or resulting publications.

As highlighted in the map below, CGD society members hail from all over the globe. Please click through this interactive feature to see which countries our past and current Society members represent.

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Current Members
Last updated February 2016

Don Abramson
Aleef Adam
Nazir Ahmad
Paul Applegarth
Alicia Bannon
Andrea Bare
Jere Behrman
Marguerite Berger
Howard Berman
Jan Berris
Canyon Bosler
Patrick Brenny
John Burg
Christopher Byrd
Paul Cadario
Thomas Callaghy
Gerard Caprio
Michael Clemens & Selvin Akkuş Clemens
Gordon Day
Whitney Debevoise
Elsa de Morais Sarmento
Michele de Nevers & Branko Milanovic
Paul Dowling
Paula Feeney

Gary Filerman
James Fox
Patrice Franko
Alan Gelb
David Gergen
Neil Ghosh
Stephen Giddings
David Gordon
Abner Greene
Jose Angel Gurria Trevino
John Hicklin & Sharmini Coorey
Kusi Hornberger
Margaret & Paul Isenman
Paul Jensen
Willene A. Johnson
Peter Kimm
Molly Kinder
Nicholas Kolodny
Carol F. Lee
Francis Lethem
Ruth Levine & Steve Goodman
Robert Liebenthal
Lawrence MacDonald & Hannah Moore

Ajay Markanday
Andrew Natsios
Miguel Martinez
James Michel
Jonathan Morduch
Donna & Todd Moss
Joan Nelson & Jacob Meerman
Lisa Nichols
Molly O’Donnell
Noreen O’Meara
Marjorie Opuni
Toby Ord
Hugh Patrick
Carol Peasley
Arturo & Nina R. Porzecanski
David Post
Theophilos Priovolos
Charles & Judith Riemenschneider
David Roodman
Susan Rose-Ackerman
Edward Salt
William Savedoff

S. Jacob Scherr
Alex Shakow
Jeffrey Sherman
Adam L. Shrier
John Simon
Joseph Sinatra
Brian Smith
Jerome Smith
Jennifer Spratt
Michele Teitelbaum
Sergio Trindade
Ted Truman
Richard Trunnell
Nicolas van de Walle
Roberta van Haeften
Toni Verstandig
Delaney Vun
Yan Wang
Staci Warden
Scott Weathers
James Wolfensohn
Chantale Wong
Gregory Woods
Yang-Ro Yoon
Julie Ziegler
Kristopher Zyp

Past and current CGD Society members around the world:

Last updated May 29, 2015
Please double-click on each country to view a breakdown of Society members by year.


The Center for Global Development is a 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions to the Center for Global Development are U.S. tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax exempt identification #52-2351337

For more information, please contact Anna Moran.