Ideas to Action:

Independent research for global prosperity


During one of my many virtual and real-time conversations this week on the contest for the World Bank presidency, John Paul Fawcett from RESULTS reminded me that we in global health world had just had a similar conversation about the transportability of leadership skills across disciplines and institutions when Gabriel Jaramillo -formerly of Banco Santander- took on the job of General Manager at the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria.

In a January post on the Global Fund, I argued that a banker had lots to offer the Global Fund, and then in a rare moment of consistency, in a post this week, I wrote that a doctor had something to offer the Bank.

Yes, it's the world turned upside down.

Either it's a really good idea that will generate creativity and enhanced impact, or it could end up to be a colossal mistake on both counts.  Stay tuned.