On CGD's main blog, Voices from the Center, I just posted a piece on the foreign debt situation of Burma.

Honestly, I'm at a fork in the road, and am befuddled about which way to go. I fully expect to continue tracking and blogging microfinance. But I will also work on other things. Sharing my intellectual journey in microfinance through this blog has been fantastically rewarding and useful for me, so I'd like to continue in that mode with whatever I do next---at least when the subject is not too mathematical. This new post on Burma's debt is an example. I need to learn much more about the subject and am still figuring out what I think. But I felt I had figured out enough to share and get reactions.

The question was: should I post here or on Voices from the Center? Is this a microfinance blog or is it David Roodman's Microfinance or Whatever Open Book Blog? We decided to post on VFC because it probably reaches more people who care about foreign debt. I'm not entirely at peace with this choice.

CGD is planning a web revamp over the next 6 months that may make it easier to have it both ways, by allowing blogs to share content.

Any thoughts?


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