In a note from Kenya, Lois Quam, the freshly appointed head of the GHI, announced the release of the first GHI+ country strategy, to be found on the newly established website.  After two years of near radio silence from the USG in the way of physical documents outlining just how this $63 billion dollar initiative will be implemented, the GHI under Quam’s leadership seems to be blooming.

Along with the Kenya strategy and the GHI website, Quam gave her first public address in her capacity as Executive Director at the beginning of the month, on the same day that the official GHI strategy document was released. Additional GHI+ country strategies will be available early next week.

This eruption of information on the GHI is an exciting sign that things are moving on an initiative that has been hibernating in the winter months for far too long.  With any luck, this means a faster pace of decision-making and greater transparency of implementation progress and learning. I hope now that it will only be a matter a time before the release of other pending documents, for instance information on the learning agenda, as well as technical notes from the field in the areas of gender, M&E, R&D and integration.