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CGD's Casey Dunning, Charles Kenny, and Jonathan Karver recently wrote an analysis with the provocative title "Hating on the Hurdle," that offered constructive criticism of the Millennium Challenge Corporation's (MCC) approach to penalizing corruption using a “hard hurdle.” 

The paper elicited an engaged written response from Alicia Phillips Mandaville, managing director of development policy at the MCC, who later came to CGD for a roundtable discussion on the issue with staff and invited guests.

Here at CGD there’s nothing we like better than the opportunity to engage with policymakers directly. So I was delighted when Alicia accepted my invitation to join me, Charles, and Casey on the Wonkcast to share key ideas in the discussion with our listeners. You can listen to the full audio above.

My thanks to Aaron King for recording and editing this Wonkcast.


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