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Subsequent Compacts Are the Future of MCC

Let’s talk about second compacts. Increasingly, MCC seems to be moving in this direction.  In the last five years, of the eleven countries selected as eligible to develop an MCC compact, eight had already completed (or were close to completing) an initial MCC compact.

Senate: Before You Go, Confirm MCC's New CEO

Yesterday, the Senate confirmed the nomination of MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes to represent the United States in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.  Yohannes’ impending departure from MCC leaves a big gap in the agency’s top leadership until the Senate confirms the White House nominee, Dana Hyde, as new CEO.

Hating on the MCC’s Corruption Hard Hurdle

Our new analysis Hating on the Hurdle explores the MCC’s use of a hard hurdle for its control of corruption indicator and finds that this strict interpretation – a country must be above the median on the corruption indicator to be considered for eligibility – is doing a disservice to the MCC and its partner countries.