We Can Stop the Spread of AIDS, and Sooner Than You Think – Podcast with Amb. Deborah Birx

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For global health workers focused on treating and preventing HIV/AIDS, the future is brighter than ever before.

PEPFAR — the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, begun in 2004 by George W. Bush — has made huge progress scaling up efforts and resources. One review found that in less than five years, PEPFAR averted 1.1 million deaths in Africa and reduced the death rate from AIDS to 10 percent in countries where it was operating.

World AIDS Day Roundup

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Over the last few months, we have been busy tracking and analyzing a number of notable developments in the global AIDS space.  So in commemoration of World AIDS Day, marked annually on December 1st, here is a roundup of what we’ve been talking about, complete with links to our most recent work.

PEPFAR Teams Are Designing Impact Evaluations: Retrospective, Prospective, and Randomized

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Last year, PEPFAR submitted guidelines which encouraged country staff to submit a proposal to conduct an “impact evaluation” (IE) as part of their annual Country Operation Plan (COP).  Subsequently, they received four submissions, of which three were funded.  But they also learned that many PEPFAR staff – who are mostly program implementers, or the managers of program implementers – didn’t fully understand what they were being asked to do; what does PEPFAR mean by “impact evaluations”?