Curious to know what PEPFAR has done to strengthen local capacity? What about actions taken by the Global Fund to support national AIDS plans? Or maybe you’re interested to know evidence that shows the need for the World Bank to invest in information technology?

The HIV/AIDS Monitor team is pleased to introduce a new web tool for tracking influence, policy change and other donor activities. Now you can easily track the impact of evidence-based recommendations from the HIV/AIDS Monitor team to PEPFAR, the Global Fund and the World Bank to improve their design, delivery and management of aid for HIV/AIDS.

Over the past two years, the HIV/AIDS Monitor has released a wide body of evidence about PEPFAR, the Global Fund and the World Bank MAP programs in Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia. The Monitor team is also in close contact with policymakers at the three donor institutions to discuss our evidence and recommendations for policy change. We created this tool to keep track of which recommendations have been addressed and which we still need to pursue, and to highlight the paths from research and recommendations to actual policy change and impact.

The tool is a work in progress and we plan to update it as we learn of donor actions in response to our evidence-based recommendations. We welcome your suggestions, either as comments on this blog or you can email me directly. If you are aware that donors have responded to recommendations and we overlooked it, please let us know!