Today, the Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance Initiative launches a new USAID Monitor devoted to all things USAID. Like its sister, the MCA Monitor, this new monitor will track happenings inside USAID that affect aid reform and aid effectiveness.  With the release of the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review and the President's Global Development Policy, our attention now turns to implementation issues and the fulfillment of promises to make USAID the "world's premier development agency."  Many of the new initiatives, as embodied in USAID Forward, put the agency on the right path.

Through the USAID Monitor, we will also track what is happening elsewhere in the U.S. government that affects how the agency accomplishes its mission.  We will look at how USAID fits into the whole of government (wog) model especially with regard to leadership of Feed the Future, the Global Health Initiative, and other critical development issues, and how influential the administrator's voice is on national security matters.  We will also report on congressional activities as it relates to USAID's ability to do its job.

We hope you stay tuned. Suggestions on what should be included in the Monitor are, as always, most welcome.