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This week we are pleased to announce a new arrival to the CGD global health policy team, John May. John joins us from his previous position as Lead Population Specialist at the World Bank and will be working on issues relating to population and development as a visiting fellow at CGD. John has 35 years of international experience in population, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS issues.

This month, John releases a new book, World Population Policies, that examines the links between population and reproductive health policies and economic development efforts. Of the book, demography great John Bongaarts writes: "After more than a decade of neglect, population trends and their adverse social, economic, health, environmental, and political effects have returned to the global policy agenda. Government interventions aimed at minimizing unfavorable demographic developments have often been contentious. This timely and comprehensive book provides a wealth of valuable insight and thoughtful commentary on controversies and policy options."

CGD has a history of working at the intersection of population and development, as demographic changes affect economic growth and poverty reduction in many parts of the world. CGD’s past work on this topic includes the Demographics and Development in the 21st Century initiative and the Population and Development working group, among others.

We are pleased to welcome John to our team—look for more from him here on our Global Health Policy Blog.



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