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Alumni Association


At CGD, we like “Goodbye!” to mean “See you later!” The CGD Alumni Association—a informal network of former staff, interns and visiting fellowsoffers alumni a way to stay in touch with each other and CGD, and to strengthen the simple but powerful bond of our collective mission. Did we mention that the network can be a good way to find your next career opportunity—or to help a fellow alumni do the same? Unlike some other alumni associations, ours has no dues!

Alumni are invited to become active participants in the CGD Alumni Page on Linkedin.  We also send occasional newsletters that include Alumni Developments updates and an Aluminary profile. Questions? Suggestions for a future Alumnary profile? Got an update for the next Alumni Developments? Drop a note to CGD events manager Amanda Leverett, who does double duty as alumni coordinator.


Featured Aluminary: Molly Kinder

Molly Kinder is fairly certain that she holds the CGD record for repeat hires: four different CGD stints, spanning more than a dozen years and working for some of the legends of CGD’s past and present.

She first joined CGD in January 2003 as a program assistant working for Ruth Levine in the newly formed global health program. CGD was just over a year old at the time — so new that the staff only occupied a section of the third floor at 1776 Mass Ave.

How Kinder came to CGD is a story in itself. A year out of undergrad at Notre Dame, she arrived in DC looking for her first job in international development, much the same way an aspiring (and unemployed) country music singer might show up in Nashville, with a guitar and hopes of making it. She landed in DC in the summer of 2002 with a one-way airplane ticket, one suitcase, savings from months of waitressing back home in Buffalo, an offer to crash on a classmate’s couch, and one professional contact: the head of Notre Dame’s Washington program. On Kinder’s first day in Washington, she explained her passion about the issue of poverty in the developing world to him. He tipped her off to the existence of a strip of think tanks on Mass Ave and suggested she look at those. Kinder immediately took the red line to Dupont Circle, found the block of think tanks, walked into each one, and picked up their brochures.

Read Molly's full profile here.

For a list of past Aluminaries, see the Aluminary Archive.


Did You Know? Alumni Developments

Have news to share with CGD and alums? Please send your news and developments to Amanda Leverett.

  • Joselyn DiPetta, former CGD intern (2006), gave a recent TED Talk, “The Missing Piece in the Gender Equality Puzzle.”
  • Denizhan Duran, former research assistant (2011–13), was recently promoted to program manager for health financing at the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Lilongwe, Malawi. 
  • Dan Hammer, former research assistant (2008–10), is on leave from his PhD at UC Berkeley to serve as a presidential innovation fellow.  He works with NASA and the Office of Science and Technology Policy to make satellite imagery more open and accessible.  Dan and Robin Kraft (also a CGD alum) successfully launched Global Forest Watch at the World Resources Institute, where Dan is the Chief Data Scientist.  The project started at CGD under the guidance of David Wheeler, and has become the go-to source for near real-time information on forest loss.

For more Alumni updates, visit our Alumni Developments Archive.

If you are a CGD Alum and would like to connect with current and former colleagues at the Center, please join our LinkedIn Group or contact Amanda Leverett.