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Who Should Lead the EBRD? – Podcast with the Presidential Candidates

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It has operations in more than 30 countries worth around $9 billion. And now the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is searching for its next leader. Current president Sir Suma Chakrabarti is seeking a second four-year term as EBRD president, and he faces the challenge of Marek Belka, a former Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Poland and currently president of the country’s National Bank. Recently both candidates recorded interviews with me, which we have edited together into this edition of the CGD Podcast.

A Big, Bold Plan for MCC’s Future

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After more than a decade of operations, MCC has made the shift from innovative start-up to established donor agency.  “MCC NEXT,” the agency’s new, much-anticipated strategic plan, takes a hard look at how the poverty and development landscape has evolved over the past decade and stakes out the position a more mature MCC should take in this new context. 

Combating Gender Apartheid at Work: A Proposal for US Legislation or Executive Action

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Under Article 444 of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Family Code, women are legally obliged to obey their husbands. In Kuwait, women must receive their husbands’ permission to travel alone or apply for a passport. And in Malaysia, women are restricted from working in a range of industries, including mining and construction. Those are just a few of the many hundreds of national laws that make gender discrimination the law of the land.