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Efficient and resilient governance systems are essential for ensuring basic public services, fostering trade, attracting private investment, and managing aid flows. CGD work on the issue focuses on how rich-country policies and practices strengthen—or inadvertently undermine—developing-country institutions. Examples of such policies include aid, trade, and anticorruption efforts. 

Accountable and transparent governance systems are particularly important—and often lacking—in low-income but resource-rich states. The Center’s work in this area focuses on how government revenues from oil and minerals can be used to improve development outcomes in such countries. CGD vice president and senior fellow Todd Moss leads this work, which includes an innovative proposal, Saving Ghana from Its Oil: The Case for Direct Cash Distribution.

More broadly, the MCA Monitor component of GGD’s Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance Program provides policy analysis and research on the operations and effectiveness of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), whose aid compacts are linked to positive governance indicators. The Center aims to contribute to the MCC’s success by drawing lessons from relevant experiences, raising awareness, and making available the findings of related research on aid effectiveness.