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International Monetary Fund


CGD’s work program on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) investigates the effects of IMF policies on developing countries, including the IMF’s role in responding to the global financial crisis. CGD president Nancy Birdsall’s note on How to Unlock the $1 Trillion that Developing Countries Urgently Need to Cope with the Crisis outlined concrete steps on how the IMF could help developing countries respond to the crisis; the idea was endorsed by the G-20 and later approved by the United States and other high-income IMF member nations, opening the way for IMF implementation.  

CGD organized the International Monetary Fund Programs and Health Spending Working Group, chaired by David Goldsborough, a CGD visiting fellow and former senior IMF staff member. The group’s final report, released in June 2007, contributed substantially to subsequent policy changes at the IMF.

Choosing the Next IMF Director

The resignation of Dominique Strauss-Kahn sparked a global debate about the choice of the next IMF managing director. To help inform this debate, CGD has launched an online survey gathering views on the selection process, the desired qualifications, and perceptions of the qualifications of some of the possible candidates mentioned in press reports.