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How corruption slows disaster recovery (The Los Angeles Times)

June 5, 2018

(THE CONVERSATION) The 2018 hurricane season has now begun. It's a good time to think about lessons learned from last year's historic storms. 

Hurricane Irma , which raged across the Caribbean from late August to early September 2017, was the strongest Atlantic hurricane since record keeping began in 1851. 

In total last year, six major storms were Category 3 or greater, making 2017 the seventh most-active year in history and the costliest ever. 


According to a comprehensive analysis by the Center for Global Development, Haiti's government received just 1 percent of humanitarian aid and perhaps 15 to 20 percent of longer-term relief aid. The rest was channeled to charities and nongovernmental organizations, whose resulting projects were in many cases impossible to identify. 

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