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Independent research for global prosperity

How We’re Funded

The Center for Global Development (CGD) is an independent, nonpartisan "think-and-do tank" that works to reduce poverty in developing countries. We do this by producing high-quality research and practical, evidence-based policy recommendations that inform the practices and policies of developed countries, major private sector actors, and global institutions.

We are deeply committed to the principles of independence, transparency, and accountability, both as a means to foster better development outcomes and to maintain the integrity of our work. In keeping with this principle, we acknowledge our funding sources on our website.

Transparency ratings

CGD was awarded the highest possible ratings by Guidestar and Transparify, and Charity Navigator in their most recent reviews, in recognition of our commitment to transparency and open disclosure of funding.

We are thankful to our funders for their intellectual and financial support of our work to make the world more prosperous and equitable.

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  • How We're Funded –Grants and contributions over $100,000
  • Partners Council – Corporate and individual contributions over $5,000
  • CGD Society – Individual contributions between $150 - $5,000

    The Center for Global Development is an independent, nonpartisan research institution and a 501(c)(3) organization, supported by contributions from individuals, foundations, bilateral organizations and corporations. All contributions to the Center for Global Development are US tax-deductible as charitable contributions to the extent permitted by law and will be disclosed to the IRS and may be disclosed to the public. Contributions also must conform to CGD's funding principles. CGD's tax identification number is 52-2351337. CGD Europe is established as a company limited by guarantee in the UK and as a registered UK charity (number 1157318).

    CGD Europe is a UK-registered charity with an  equivalency determination (ED) certification from NGOsource:

    We are grateful to our funders for their appreciation and support for our funding guidelines and transparency policies. CGD does not accept funding that seeks to impose limits or restrictions on our independence in research, findings, conclusions or resulting publications.