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Over the next two decades, Africa will become the central focus of international development cooperation as the continent confronts a swath of challenges, from kickstarting economic growth and creating enough jobs for a huge, vibrant generation of young people to preparing for the next pandemic and the threat of a warming planet. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will only heighten the stakes.

From our very first research project—working with Nigeria’s then-finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to lay out a plan to reduce Nigeria’s debt stock by $30 billion—to exploring how CGD’s Global Skills Partnership model could boost the number of skilled professionals on the continent and in Europe, African development issues have always been at the center of CGD’s research agenda. Today, we’re carrying out research and analysis of issues from infrastructure investment, migration and labor mobility, financing and debt, jobs and growth in the shadow of rapid technological change, and value for money in health spending, to improving education systems.

As the world confronts a changing development landscape, CGD is consolidating our Africa-focused research; deepening our partnerships with African policymakers, researchers, and institutions; and using our platform in DC and London to bring the expertise of African experts and partners to the forefront in the agenda setting and design of international development policy.