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Moving from Aid to Trade (Al Jazeera)

November 13, 2012

Senior fellow Owen Barder is quoted in a piece on British aid to India.

From the article:

Britain plans to scrap development aid to India by 2015 as critics argue the fast-developing nation no longer needs the money - and the UK can no longer afford it.

But some aid organisations have already voiced their concerns that India's poorest will miss out.

The UK says the relationship will move from aid towards trade as its granting of foreign aid becomes increasingly controversial at home.

To discuss this, Inside Story presenter Stephen Cole speaks to guests: Owen Barder, a senior fellow and director of the Center for Global Development in Europe. He was a former senior official at the British department for international development; Chetan Sharma, a senior financial analyst and columnist; and Alex Scrivener, the policy officer for the World Development Movement and a specialist on aid.

"It's obviously terrific that India is now growing fast and that is improving the lives of many of the people - both the wealth and some of the burgeoning middle class …. But the fact is that there is still a very large number of very poor people in India and on average it's still a country with very modest incomes. So although we're aware of the growing inequality and the very large number of wealthy people - there’s an enormous number of very poor people who are being reached with British aid at the moment."

- Owen Barder, Center for Global Development in Europe

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