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Preemptive Contract Sanctions for Syria Featured in the Situation Report (Foreign Policy)

December 6, 2012

Senior fellows Kimberly Ann Elliot and Owen Barder are quoted in reference to CGD's work on preemptive contract sanctions for Syria.

From the article:

Situation Report Idea Floater. Another novel approach on Syria came over the transom to Situation Report: something called "pre-emptive contract sanctions." The Center for Global Development shot us a blog post that media reps there say is getting some traction by places like the FT, the Daily Beast, CNN and others, as a way to get rid of Assad.

"It's time to try a new tool that would strengthen existing measures: preemptive contract sanctions. This would take the form of a declaration that any new contracts with the Assad regime are illegitimate and need not be honored by a legitimate successor government. Such a declaration would discourage new contracts with or loans to the regime because of the likelihood that that they would be repudiated by a successor government," write Kimberly Ann Elliott and Owen Barder.

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