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This week's development policy news focused on global health and the role of developing countries in the financial crisis.

Sample articles:
Tuberculosis: A New Pandemic? (CNN: 11/17/08)
While many people in developed nations think tuberculosis is a disease that the world has overcome, the truth is that drug-resistant TB is rampant in many parts of Africa. In this article, award-winning photojournalist James Nachtwey depicts the plight of the 40,000 new TB-infections per year through a series of photos.
Emerging Countries Called Key to Global Recovery (New York Times: 11/18/08)
Several business executives, government officials, and economic experts gathered Monday and Tuesday for a conference on China's role in the global economy. They agreed that China and other emerging market economies account for 30% of global GDP and that rescuing the economy is impossible without the inclusion of these economies.
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