The Market-driven Value-based Advance Commitment (MVAC)

For millions of people around the world, the development of life-saving drugs remains out of reach because the economic incentives aren’t there. Too often, research and development (R&D) for new drugs is focused on lucrative high-income markets and neglects the disease burden in low-income countries.

TB is the world’s deadliest infectious disease, yet treatments remain inadequate due to long and toxic treatment cycles paired with rising drug resistance. A Lancet study from 2018 shows that without a significant technological breakthrough, the Sustainable Development Goal of ending tuberculosis by 2030 cannot be achieved. R&D investments for TB are dominated by public sources and total only one third of estimated need, with private investment small and declining.

How does it work?

The MVAC is a new mechanism designed to mobilise private sector funding for neglected diseases like TB, while ensuring broad access to innovative products at an affordable price, set by the recipient countries.

Last spring we published a consultation draft and subsequently received several thoughtful and challenging responses that shaped and sharpened our thinking. The final MVAC blueprint draws deeply from the collective expertise and experience of our colleagues in the TB, health economics, and global health communities.

Read the Final Report here: Blueprint for a Market-Driven Value-Based Advance Commitment (MVAC) for Tuberculosis

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