Aid for Education: More Bang for the Buck (White House and the World Policy Brief)

Kate Vyborny
November 04, 2008

This White House and the World Policy Brief presents key facts and recommendations drawn from Chapter Thirteen of The White House and the World: A Global Development Agenda for the Next U.S. President.

Improving education shouldbe a part of the global development agenda of the next U.S.president. While aid for primary education has alwaysappealed to U.S. policymakers and the public and is consistentwith American values of expanding opportunity for all, U.S. aidfor education has languished in the past two decades. Aid forhealth has increased six-fold while aid for education has grownby only a third. The next president should considerannouncing U.S. support for a big international push to expandquality primary schooling in low-income countries so that allchildren have the chance to learn.

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