Press Release

CGD Europe Appoints Mikaela Gavas as Managing Director

September 14, 2022

The Center for Global Development (CGD) today announced the appointment of Mikaela Gavas as Managing Director, CGD Europe and Senior Policy Fellow.

Gavas, who currently serves as the Co-Director of CGD’s Development Cooperation in Europe Programme, brings more than two decades of experience in research, policy, advisory, and public affairs in political and parliamentary environments as well as team leadership. She has advised governments and institutions including the UK House of Commons, France, Italy, Republic of Korea, Qatar, Switzerland and the UAE. Gavas also serves as a member of the Standing Advisory Group on Technical Assistance and Cooperation for the UN International Atomic Energy Agency.

“We are thrilled Mikaela Gavas will take on this new leadership role,” said Masood Ahmed, President of CGD. “Mikaela is committed to finding better approaches to address some of the world’s most challenging issues that prevent the poorest and most vulnerable individuals from living healthy and prosperous lives. She has been instrumental in turning ideas into action over the course of her career.”

“As world leaders are looking for innovative solutions to address the effects of climate change, food insecurity and rising inflation, I look forward to building on CGD’s culture of excellence in timely, evidence-based and policy-relevant research and analysis and to establishing CGD as the ‘resource of choice’ for decision makers across Europe and beyond,” said Gavas.   

Gavas will officially begin her role on 2 January 2023 when Mark Plant steps down from his role as Chief Operating Officer at CGD Europe. Mark will return to Washington DC, and continue his work as a Senior Policy Fellow with CGD.

As Managing Director, Gavas will work closely with the CGD leadership team to ensure that CGD Europe continues to be a values-driven organization, espousing a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and integrity, with a common sense of purpose.