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Sarah Rose, John Norris, Wade Warren

A History of USAID: John Norris and Wade Warren on the CGD Podcast

CGD's Sarah Rose speaks with John Norris of the Gates Foundation and Wade Warren of Deloitte Consulting about Norris's new book on USAID, including USAID’s internal balancing act between development and geostrategic mandates, structural vs. sectoral initiatives, and the challenges USAID will face in its next decades.

Lagos to Mombasa

Lagos to Mombasa: How Do We Accelerate EU-Africa Investment?

CGD’s Mikaela Gavas joins Gyude to discuss barriers to private investment in health and infrastructure projects and how a new initiative—an Accelerator Hub—could help local businesses and institutions in Africa develop financially viable proposals and connect them with investors.

Lagos to Mombasa

Lagos to Mombasa: Can Agriculture Drive Economic Growth in Africa?

This episode of Lagos to Mombasa asks: could ag policy be a means to post-COVID-19 recovery in Africa? Linda Manda of Standard Bank Group and Gillian Pais of McKinsey & Company join Gyude to discuss the true potential of the agriculture sector, not just in addressing Africa’s own food security needs but also in its global contributions.


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