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Developing Lands Hit Hardest by 'Brain Drain' [NYT]

October 25, 2005

In this New York Times article by Celia Dugger, she cites CGD's latest publication on migration, Give Us Your Best and Brightest, and a new World Bank report on international migration to take a deeper look at the effects migration has on developing countries.

From the article:

Devesh Kapur and John McHale argue in their book, "Give Us Your Best and Brightest," published last week by the Center for Global Development, a research group in Washington, that the loss of institution builders - hospital managers, university department heads and political reformers, among others - can help trap countries in poverty.

"It's not just the loss of professionals," said Mr. Kapur, an associate professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin. "It's also the loss of a middle class."