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Ed tech research hub launched (Devex)

June 19, 2019

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The U.K. Department for International Development announced the launch of an EdTech Hub on Tuesday, bringing together 11 global education researchers and experts from around the world to figure out how to harness the potential of education technology to improve learning outcomes in low-income countries.

However, some education experts expressed doubts. Susannah Hares, who co-leads the Center for Global Development’s education work, said she hoped the hub’s research would extend beyond pilots and apps.

“The big challenge is to generate evidence on whether ed tech can be effectively integrated into large, capacity-constrained public education systems. This isn't a software problem that a new app can solve: It's about how to get complex systems to procure and contract tech suppliers effectively, and to monitor their performance in terms of outcomes for children,” Hares said.

“Politics and people will be as important as products, and I hope that the research conducted by the new hub starts to fill some of those gaps,” she added.

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