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Egypt, Nigeria and the Philippines to be among the Worst Hit by Storm Surges (ClimateWire)

October 13, 2009

ClimateWire featured CGD's working paper on climate change induced storm surges.

From the article:

"Climate change and population migration could put an additional 52 million people in the path of coastal flooding from storm surges in the next century, according to a report from the Center for Global Development.

The report looks specifically at the impact of storm surges on the land, populations and economies of 84 developing countries and 577 coastal cities within them.

"Normally, you'll find a lot of studies that are sort of on a case-by-case type of situation," said Carlos Perez, a senior analyst at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, regarding studies on future storm surges, "whereas this tried to be comprehensive and tries to includes lots of countries.""

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