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Sharing the Wealth, or Not

August 31, 2005

This article appearing in the Washington Post by Nora Boustany covers the 2005 Commitment to Development Index citing CGD President Nancy Birdsall and Moises Naim , editor and publisher of Foreign Policy Magazine.

From the article:

Nancy Birdsall , president of the center, said the index highlights the contradictions between what rich countries say about their efforts to eradicate poverty and what they actually do. She spoke at a teleconference announcing the index.

"The purpose of the index was to create a conversation in rich countries about what it means to be a global citizen," Moises Naim , editor and publisher of Foreign Policy, said in a telephone interview. "We are not just talking about aid volumes; we are also asking questions about whether this aid is going to tyrants and corrupt dictators."

Naim suggested that peacekeeping can do little good if the same countries providing peacekeeping are also exporting weapons.

"There is this paradox," he said. "Today weapons sales to poor countries have achieved a five-year peak. The magical beauty of this index is that it captures all this. It is not just 'show me the money,' but about the quality of what is given."