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Sound Off (The Eagle Tribune)

November 18, 2018

By The Eagle Tribune

From the article:

No punishment

Here we go again. A bank robber gets probation for bank robbery. He was already on probation for bank robbery. Keep voting for liberals. Next their judges will be sending these people to Disney World.

Moral duty

President Donald Trump’s policy of cutting the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. not only hurts refugees, it hurts the U.S. Refugees make our country safer. Evidence from a study conducted by the New American Economy indicates refugees decrease our country’s crime rate. When we accept refugees, it helps our relationships with other countries. Refugees improve our economy. Research from the Center for Global Development indicates that after eight years in their new country refugees become net contributors to the tax base. In addition, refugees are not only great employees they also open businesses and become employers. We should offer asylum to refugees because they're in danger in their home countries. They are often fleeing war, persecution, starvation, economic collapse, violence and leaders who fail to protect them. We have a moral responsibility to help refugees in need.

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