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South Sudan Sets Conditions for North Debt Help (Reuters)

March 09, 2011

CGD research was mentioned in a Reuters article on South Sudan.

From the Article

Sudan's north-south conflict -- Africa's longest civil war fought over oil, ideology and religion -- destabilized the whole region and killed an estimated 2 million people.

North Sudanese officials have in the past said they would not divide the debt with the south, as the new nation would not be able to service it. The SPLM says the north should keep the debt as it was built up by the Khartoum government.

The World bank has said Khartoum would need to introduce wide economic reforms to qualify for relief of multilateral debt.

Nearly 90 percent of Sudan's external debt is owed to bilateral and commercial creditors, with their own requirements, and would take at least three years to clear, according to a paper by the Center for Global Development.

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