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Tony Blair African Governance Initiative Speaking Event (Media Highlights)

December 17, 2010

Former Prime Minister of the U.K. Tony Blair gave a speech at CGD titled, "Making Government Work Will Transform Africa" to a crowd of approximately 300 guests and numerous members of the media. Below are media highlights from the event.

Media Highlights From the Event:

Blair urges West to follow China development example, AFP, December 17, 2010

From the Article:

Former prime minister Tony Blair said Thursday that China sets a good example for Western governments seeking to help Africa develop.

"There is a reason why a lot of African leaders will deal with China. And it's not just because China is a powerful country," Blair told AFP after giving a speech about development in Africa.

"It's because our systems can be very bureaucratic and the Chinese are quite direct in what they do," he said.

"So they will say to the leader of a country, 'Well what do you need?' and he'll say I need a road from A to B,' and then the next day someone's there with a shovel," he said during a visit to Washington.

In his speech to the Center for Global Development, he said Western countries needed to "work on things the country judges to be vital, not necessarily the things that we think back in our home legislature gets the biggest cheer."

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Tony Blair's vision for Africa, BBC World Service, December 17, 2010

Summary of the Interview:

Former British Prime Minister Tony has set out his vision for a new partnership with Africa. He was speaking yesterday in Washington DC at the Centre for Global Development.His theme was 'Reform for Results: How Africa's Leaders are Transforming Government and How We Can Help' BBC Network Africa's Lewis Machipisa asked Mr Blair, who is the founder of the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, for more details.

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Center for Global Development: Tony Blair on African Gov't Reform Program (Tony Blair on African Government Reform, C-SPAN, December 16, 2010

Summary of Event Coverage:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed development issues and international aid for Africa. He recently established the Africa Governance Initiative which strives to reduce poverty through improved governance in Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Liberia. After his remarks he answered questions from the audience and Nancy Birdsall.

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We must support visionary African leaders,The Guardian, December 16, 2010

From the Article:

This year has been remarkable for Africa. Even in these tough times, you can scan the continent and find numerous examples of sustained economic growth. The World Bank now predicts a 21st-century economic takeoff for Africa comparable to that of China, India or Brazil in recent decades.

Democracy is also spreading. By December, almost a quarter of sub-Saharan Africa will have gone to the polls since January. And it is no coincidence that we have a new generation of inspirational African leaders in place, making what President Obama has called "the tough choices that will unleash the dynamism of [their] countries".

In a speech at the Center for Global Development today, I will be reflecting on the visionary African leaders who are tackling poverty by transforming government, and what the international community needs to do differently to support them.

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