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Trump Says Parts of U.S. Could Go Back to Work in a Few Weeks (WSJ)

March 25, 2020

From the article:

“…While the Trump administration has issued guidelines urging Americans to stay home, the most severe restrictions nationwide have come from governors, who have ordered nonessential businesses to close in at least 24 states and have imposed restrictions on those businesses in a dozen more. Nineteen states plan to or already require residents to stay home. Federal guidelines don’t trump state restrictions.

The result could be an even further decentralized patchwork of guidelines across the nation, which public-health experts say will make it harder to combat the virus’s spread. The U.S., because of its decentralized structure of government and health care systems, has faced greater hurdles than some Asian countries in implementing rigorous measures to test and quarantine citizens.

‘A patchwork approach is functionally a least-common-denominator approach, which is a huge problem,’ said Jeremy Konyndyk, who led the U.S. government’s response to international disasters under the Obama administration. ‘In the absence of uniform standards and robust surveillance, we are vulnerable to governors taking risks in their states that end up endangering other states as well…’”

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