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UK Employment Tribunal Begins Preliminary Hearing Involving CGD (Released November 15, 2019)

November 15, 2019

Sean Bartlett
Center for Global Development

Hearing will continue in Jan. 2020 regarding Claimant’s employment status

November 15, 2019

LONDON – The UK Employment Tribunal begins a preliminary hearing today in a case involving CGD Europe, its parent organization, the Center for Global Development (CGD) in Washington, and CGD President Masood Ahmed. CGD Europe are defending belief and sex discrimination claims brought by Maya Forstater, who was previously affiliated with the organization. The preliminary hearing will determine whether Ms. Forstater is entitled to pursue her claims at a full hearing. 

CGD and CGDE maintain that Ms. Forstater does not have the necessary employment status to pursue these claims as she was an unpaid visiting fellow and occasional paid consultant. The organization is also challenging whether Ms. Forstater’s beliefs regarding gender and sexual identity are protected under the UK Equality Act 2010, maintaining that they are not worthy of respect in a democratic society and that they conflict with the fundamental rights of others.

Amanda Glassman, the Chief Executive Officer of CGDE and the Executive Vice President of CGD, released the following statement:

“CGD and CGDE pride themselves as workplaces that support and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in both policy and practice. We dispute the claimant’s allegations and look forward to making our case in the Employment Tribunal as the proceedings get underway.”