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Vietnam Finds Itself Vulnerable if Sea Rises (New York Times)

September 24, 2009

The New York Times cites CGD senior fellow David Wheeler's research on global warming and the effects of sea-level rise on developing nations.

From the article:

"The risks of climate change for Vietnam go far beyond the Mekong Delta, up into the Central Highlands, where rising temperatures could put the coffee crop at risk, and to the Red River Delta in the north, where large areas could be inundated near the capital, Hanoi.

"Climate experts consider this nation of an estimated 87 million people to be among the half-dozen most threatened by the weather disruptions and rising sea levels linked to climate change that are predicted in the course of this century.

"If the sea level rises by three feet, 11 percent of Vietnam’s population could be displaced, according to a 2007 World Bank working paper."

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