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What Can Be Done to Make Aid More Effective? (Financial Times Arena blog)

May 26, 2009

The Financial Times Arena blog published CGD senior fellow Steve Radelet's blog post on aid effectiveness.

From the blog post:

"More aid should go to countries that can use it well, especially the emerging democracies that are implementing sensible economic policies. Second, set clear goals, set them publicly, and measure results with independent monitors. Third, streamline bureaucracies and make sure a larger share of funds gets to those that need it most. And fourth, listen more. Ask Africans - government officials and ordinary citizens - what they need most and how programs can best be implemented both to achieve immediate goals and build capacity over time.

Donors have taken some first steps in these directions in recent years, but much more can be done. Moving the debate in this direction will be far more constructive, and far more useful in making aid more effective in fighting poverty."

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