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What will Obama actually do in his week traveling around Africa? (Humanosphere)

June 25, 2013

Sarah Jane Staats’s and Todd Moss’s blogs are quoted in a blog about President Obama’s Africa trip. 

From the article:

Now that the cost concerns about President Obama’s trip to sub-Saharan Africa are long forgotten, it is time for everyone to weigh in about the trip itself. So what will Obama do when he visits Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa?

The Center for Global Development’s Sarah Jane Staats says that there will be three items on the President’s agenda.

1.      Economic growth, trade and investments.

2.      Democracy gains, youth and women’s empowerment.

3.      The initiatives: food security, global health and climate power.

Staats’ colleague Todd Moss goes as far as to offer six suggested opportunities for the trip that can create impact and cost little or nothing. Such options include new trade agreements, a doubling of the US contribution to the African Development Bank in support of infrastructure and an energy access initiative. It is the very same idea that Staats references and would be in line with an initiative by the World Bank to achieve universal access to electricity around the world.

Read it here.

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