The Book Is Cooked

May 31, 2011
With a huge sigh and no little sheepishness at the lateness, I handed off the full manuscript of Due Diligence to the editor today. I started thinking about this project nine years ago, working on it five years ago, and writing it three years ago. The beast has 33 figures and tables, 359 references, 693 footnotes, and 110,000 words. I am tired. We have decided not to share drafts anymore, mainly so we don't steal our own thunder. I devoted this past month to an editing pass through the set of chapter drafts I posted in February--April. So the current version does not differ radically from the public one. We hope to publish the book in October. Heartfelt thanks to those who reviewed one or more chapters: Stuart Rutherford, Jonathan Morduch, Rich Rosenberg, Elisabeth Rhyne, Greg Chen, Deepa Narayan, Julie Walz, Nancy Birdsall, Anna Rain, Eben Lazarus, and Scott Gaul. Reviewing, of course, does not constitute endorsement. What's next for me? I have a a few microfinance blog ideas in my back pocket, that I can pull out now that I am free. Jonathan Morduch and I will return to the Pitt & Khandker business one last time, in order to reply fully to Mark Pitt's critiques earlier this year. I will continue to follow microfinance, but just how closely is something that I will have to figure out as I go. I expect to move on to other things, including third world debt and perhaps what we talk about when we talk about development. Whatever I study, I expect to continue the experiment begun here, sharing my exploration in public. So I hope you'll stick with me, but will understand if you don't. Thank you all for your interest in and contributions to this blog over the last two years. More soon.


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