CGD Tweets of the Year-

December 30, 2013

Nancy has her Global Development Wish List, the Global Health team has their Top 10 blogs – and this year we present our Tweets of the Year.

There’s no magic formula (or regression), this is simply an assortment of tweets that made CGDers think, laugh, retweet, share, or laugh some more. You’ll see that our selections come from CGDers, friends, colleagues, and tweeters we’ve yet to meet.

Please help us round out our collection by proposing your own Tweets of the Year in the comments below.

The time when Todd compared his new fridge to energy consumption in Africa:

The time Bill Gates said hello to Charles and Todd:

When Jonah Busch nodded at Bill Savedoff:

The time we got a happy nod from a CGD alum:

The time when Shanta and the Tax Justice Network discussed #oil2cash:

The time we started asking to #unleashOPIC

Owen’s succinct, sharp observations:

The time Nancy said no way to Jakub Grygie:

That time when @JustinSandefur and @M_Clem took on Paul Collier’s Exodus:

And some helpful lists and tips from the CGD family:

Happy holidays from CGD!


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