Dear President Biden and Congress: Time for US to Lead Response to the Growing COVID-19 Global Vaccine Crisis

Today we joined colleagues from CSIS, Duke University, and the COVID Collective in an open letter to the Biden Administration and US Congress with a clear message: to hasten the end of the COVID-19 global pandemic, American leadership is required to ensure universal global access to high-quality and safe vaccines, support rapid vaccine distribution and administration, and build a sustainable global network of vaccine manufacturing capacity. Vaccines offer an exit route out of the pandemic – but only if they reach a critical mass of people in need across continents, socioeconomic strata, and marginalized populations.

The letter identifies five specific areas of urgent action:

  • Designate a clear leader to coordinate the US global response, leading to a robust and sustainable global strategy

  • Share vaccine doses now at the maximum amount feasible, while preparing for future needs

  • Strengthen and expand the manufacturing capacity for US-authorized and supported vaccines

  • Support distribution and delivery infrastructure, especially for low-income countries

  • Commit to leading development and implementation of a comprehensive, sustainable, 5-year plan for long-term scale-up of global vaccine manufacturing capacity

Read this urgent letter here.


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