The Premier Research Conference on the Economics of Migration and Development: A Call for Papers

November 14, 2013

International labor mobility holds some of the biggest opportunities to extend economic opportunity to more people. A small group of economists and other social scientists is working to understand those opportunities better. They have coalesced around an annual but still-young research conference, the Migration and Development Conference—and I’m delighted to say that CGD is involved.

If you’re interested in seeing the very forefront of research in this area, don’t miss the 2014 conference. It will be held at Oxford on June 30–July 1, generously hosted by the International Migration Institute. Full-paper submissions are due on January 5th and must be sent to [email protected].

For details please see the full Call for Papers.

It’s hard to overstate the quality of this conference. It consistently draws some of the best people in the field, and you can see the most influential research being born during its sessions. The conference began in 2008, and I’ve written previously about its first five meetings. The sixth meeting was earlier this year in Ifrane, Morocco.

The organizations that got this conference off the ground were the Agence Française de Développement and the World Bank, and I want to thank them for their vision and commitment. Particular credit for the genesis and survival of the conference should go to Robert Peccoud, Thomas Mélonio, Véronique Sauvat, Çağlar Özden, Hillel Rapoport, Frédéric Docquier, and Manjula Luthria, among many others. For the last two years CGD has played a small role as a co-organizer of the conference—though the others have done much more than we have—and we’ll continue to be a part of it next year. It’s a privilege to be associated with this group.


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