President Bush Champions MCC and Urges Speedier Process

December 28, 2005

President Bush, appearing at the swearing in ceremony of MCC CEO John Danilovich last week, reiterated his support of the MCC as an innovative foreign aid agency and urged greater speed in completing country compacts:

"John and the MCC board will now consider the applications of nearly two dozen countries that were recently selected as eligible for compacts. Many of these countries have made good progress on their proposals. I've asked John to complete and sign several more compacts in the coming months. It's a good program. Let's get it moving and let's implement it for the sake of -- for the sake of eliminating poverty around the world."
The Presiden'ts appearance was a much-needed, long-awaited boost for the MCC -- a sign that the Administration is still fighting for its new foreign aid agency. The push for moving the compact process more quickly, however, needs to be balanced with country performance and demonstrated commitment to the policies embodies in the MCC.


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