Stockholm Water Prize Picks a Winner—CGD Visiting Fellow John Briscoe

March 21, 2014

My hearty congratulations to CGD visiting fellow John Briscoe, who was today named the winner of the Stockholm Water Prize for his CGD-typical fusion of research with policy action.  John is an engineer who thinks like an economist and is a scholar, researcher and policy maker par excellence. Here at CGD we have been fortunate to have him as a key contributor to our Pakistan Study Group, and a champion of US support for investments there and elsewhere in crucially needed water infrastructure for clean and renewable hydroelectric power, flood control, and water storage and irrigation.

John will receive the Award from the King of Sweden at a ceremony in Stockholm in September. Whether or not water is near the top of your development concerns (it should be!) I recommend this inspiring new Wonkcast interview in which John explains the passions that have driven his remarkable career.


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