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The death toll from Haiti’s 2010 earthquake was at the top of our list of blogs this year, a reflection of the international attention finally being paid to Latin America’s poorest country. Other hot posts dealt with new money in Global Health for vaccines and the US Government’s Global Health Initiative, and all kinds of performance-based funding and evaluation issues. HIV prevention, drug resistance and reproductive, maternal and sexual health made multiple appearances, as did the pharmaceutical sector and its regulation. And did I mention that the AMC delivered vaccines?

  1. Death Toll from Haiti’s Earthquake in Perspective
  2. Daddy Healthbucks: How Will the Gates Foundation Leverage the New $10 Billion for Vaccines and Immunization?
  3. Adult Male Circumcision as an HIV Prevention Tool: Should the Scale Up of an Efficacious Intervention Be Evaluated?
  4. U.S. Global Health Initiative: An Opportunity to Provide Short (and Useful) Comments on a Tall Order
  5. GlaxoSmithKline's Evolving Business Model: For Profit and for Greater Good?
  6. FDA Goes Global: A New Approach to Food and Drug Import Safety
  7. Evaluation, Evaluation Everywhere: IOM Progress on Evaluating the Impact of PEPFAR
  8. Do PEPFAR, the Global Fund, and the World Bank MAP Make Funding Decisions Against Performance? And Why This Matters NOW!
  9. Making Sense of New Maternal Mortality Numbers: Four Take-Aways for Policy and Research Action
  10. The AIDS War May Not Be Falling Apart, but It IS Falling Behind
  11. Clinton Stresses the Need to Re-balance Health Assistance Away from AIDS Treatment
  12. The End of Exile for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  13. Scaling-up for Success: PEPFAR’s Prevention Challenge
  14. Community Programming, the Final Frontier: Going Where No World Bank Evaluation Has Gone Before
  15. A Global Tour of Drug Resistance
  16. Yet Another Inconvenient Truth: AIDS Treatment Is a Costly Way to Save Lives
  17. Break Out the Champagne! The AMC Delivers Vaccines
  18. Secretary Clinton on the Global Health Initiative: More on the WHAT and the WHO, but Not the HOW
  19. Global AIDS Donors Share Challenges and Opportunities for Performance-Based Funding
  20. Squishy Findings on Aid Fungibility


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