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Before the Rethink team dives into 2011 with more analysis on all things foreign assistance, here’s a look at the Top 20 Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance blog posts of 2010. The posts below captured your interest on issues like Administrator Shah’s work at USAID, Zambia’s potential MCC compact, and everything in between. Thank you for your continued readership and we look forward to bringing you even more information and expert analysis in 2011.

  1. MCC Board Meeting Readout: Five-Year Impact Evaluations; Four Policy Priorities; Three New Hires; Two Points on Senegal; and One Deferred Decision on the Philippines
  2. From Gossip to Good Global Development
  3. Shah Can’t Captain His Own Ship Without a Crew
  4. Name a Leader, Not Just Another Coordinator for Feed the Future (And Name Raj Shah!)
  5. What Many People Don’t Know About Raj Shah…
  6. Effective Aid in the Most Dangerous Place in the World for Americans
  7. MCC Slated for $1.28 Billion in FY2011 Budget Request
  8. MCC Board Meeting: Three Members MIA (Soon to be Four)
  9. Senate Committee Passes State Department Authorization: Fixes MCC Country Categories
  10. Hillary Clinton Promotes FY11 International Affairs Budget in Congressional Testimony Marathon
  11. U.S. Financial Reform Act Requires Disclosure of Resource Payments in Developing Countries
  12. A Better Education for Pakistan’s Youth: It Takes More than Money
  13. The QDDR Pre-Release: Good Intent but the Devil’s in the Details
  14. Obama’s National Security Strategy: What Happens Here Matters There and Vice Versa
  15. Farewell
  16. Shah Charting New Course at USAID
  17. USAID Staffer Tracker
  18. Dear Clinton, Jones, and Summers: Five Step Improvement Plan for U.S. Development
  19. Feed the Future: A New Way for U.S. Development but Reflections of the Past
  20. Where Have All the MCC Public Board Members Gone?


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