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As 2011 winds down, it’s time again to recap Rethink’s Top 20 Blogs of the year. From budget battles to AED scandals and aid reform rambles, we've sought to keep you updated with expert analysis on all things U.S. foreign assistance. Between providing super ideas for the Super Committee, analyzing our aid to Pakistan, and asking tough questions about USAID and the GHI, it’s been a busy year of blogging. As always, we thank you for your continued readership and for staying engaged with your own comments and questions.

  1. Shah’s Modern Development Enterprise Presents Opportunities and Challenges
  2. What to Make of AED’s Demise? Until the IG Report Is Released, We Have No Idea
  3. Friend or Foe: Should the United States Cut Aid to Pakistan?
  4. Is USAID Being Set Up to Fail on the GHI?
  5. What the Debt Deal Means for Foreign Aid Reform
  6. Proposed Budget Cuts Confuse Aid with AID
  7. Back from Pakistan: The U.S. Assistance Program Not Yet on Course
  8. What Would Google Do? (Donor Cooperation Edition)
  9. USAID Announces Serious Commitment to Evaluation and Joins 3ie
  10. The New USAID Evaluation Policy is Not Getting Nearly Enough Attention
  11. Lies, Damn Lies and Surveys About Foreign Aid
  12. Will Politicians Punish the MCC for Doing Evaluation Right? Mexico Shows a Better Way.
  13. Aid Priorities amid Declining Resources
  14. USAID@50. It’s a New World; Not Unlike the Old One.
  15. Five Super Ideas for the Super Committee
  16. Next USAID Innovation: Learning from Failure
  17. Reaching a Consensus on the Purpose of Aid May Be One Outcome to Budget Debates
  18. U.S. Foreign Assistance and Corruption: It’s All Relative
  19. A Quick and Dirty Reflection on the QDDR: State Compared to USAID
  20. Elevating Development – Rhetoric, Reality, and Recommendations

Honorable Mention: How the Budget Stole Aid Reform


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