What do a New Hampshire Marine Veteran, Cindy McCain, and Tom Daschle Have in Common?

March 10, 2009
CGD and Foreign Policy's upcoming 2008 Commitment to Development Ideas in Action Award event was recently highlighted in New Hampshire news thanks to one of our participants -- former Marine, father of three, and enthusiastic ONE advocate, Michael Castaldo, who will be joining ONE to accept the 2008 award.The news story on Michael Castaldo underscores how one person's effort to do more on global development can make a difference in his community, in the media, and in America's political discourse. Michael will join the event on Tuesday, March 17th at the National Press Club honoring 2008 award winner, ONE, for their work on the 2008 campaign with their initiative: ONE Vote ’08. Former senator Tom Daschle and Cindy McCain, both of whom have worked with ONE, will be on hand to accept the award, along with ONE CEO and president David Lane. Several ONE Vote '08 volunteers including Matthew McAllister, a college student from Colorado, and Danielle dePas, a volunteer and teacher from Florida will be joining us to discuss their experiences "in the trenches" of the campaign.We anticipate a lively conversation and look forward to hearing from ONE about their unique advocacy campaign -- which utilized everything from recognizable t-shirts to celebrity spokespeople. We hope that the participation and press will reach far and wide -- perhaps even once again to the Granite State.


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