2:00—4:00 PM
Peter G. Peterson Conference Center, Institute for International Economics, 1750 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

The Prospects of Bringing a Green Revolution to Africa

Norman Borlaug

Starting in the 1950s, Norman Borlaug led an international effort to develop short, fertilizer-responsive grain varieties that became the basis of the Green Revolution, more than doubling harvests and helping to avert famines in much of the developing world, especially Asia. Borlaug has also been a tireless and effective force for better food policies, better aid strategies--and for a Green Revolution in Africa, which failed to reap the benefits of the first Green Revolution. Dr. Borlaug delivered the Keynote address at this event, which was followed by a panel discussion.  The panel discussion focused on several dimensions of the global food economy, including the role of food aid, the agricultural policies of rich countries, and the potential of bio-technology, with a focus on what will work in Africa.  The panel members were; Gawain Kripke, Senior Policy Advisor, Oxfam America; Vijaya Ramachandran, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown Public Policy Institute and Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development and Peter Timmer,  
Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development.

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