Millions Saved

Since 2004, the Center for Global Development has been collecting success stories in global health – remarkable cases in which large-scale efforts to improve health in developing countries have succeeded – and releasing them in the book Millions Saved: Case Studies in Global Health.  A second edition of Millions Saved was printed in 2007, and a third edition was published in 2016.  Millions Saved is currently required reading at over 60 universities around the world.

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The third edition of Millions Saved was published in 2016.  This edition will features 18 new success stories in health, as well as 4 “disappointments at scale”, or examples of promising interventions that proved deficient when scaled up in real world conditions. Check out the microsite here and learn about our selection process here.

One of the greatest human accomplishments has been the spectacular improvement in health since 1950. In developing countries, life expectancy has risen from 40 to 65 years, and the chances that a child will survive to the age of five has doubled. In addition to directly improving people's lives, this progress contributes to economic growth. While some of the improvements in health is the result of overall social and economic gains, about half of it is due to specific efforts to address major causes of disease and disability -- such as providing better and more accessible health services, introducing new medicines and other health technologies, and fostering healthier behaviors.

Millions Saved: Proven Success in Global Health is about part of that success story: remarkable cases in which large-scale efforts to improve health in developing countries have succeeded - saving millions of lives and preserving the livelihoods and social fabric of entire communities.

From the eradication of polio in Latin America, to the elimination of measles in southern Africa, to HIV prevention in Thailand, the 20 cases in this study provide clear evidence that large-scale success in health is possible. The book provides policy-relevant information about how major successes can be achieved in the future, and clear evidence that global health challenges, which are often perceived as daunting, are indeed solvable.

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