In Conversation with Thomas Östros, Candidate for the EIB Presidency

Soon, the EU’s 27 finance ministers will come together to appoint a new president of the European Investment Bank (EIB).This appointment comes at moment when Europe and indeed the world are facing a reckoning. As the world’s largest multilateral finance institution, the EIB has a key role to play in addressing key global challenges, and whoever fills this role will have some serious issues to address in the coming years.

In order to gain some insight into the opaque appointment process, and get to know the candidates, we invited all the candidates to join us for a conversation about their vision for the future of the bank.

The second of these conversations was with Thomas Östros, who is currently Vice-President at the EIB, and has been in this role since 2020.

Mikaela Gavas, Managing Director of CGD Europe and Senior Policy Fellow sat down with Thomas to find out more about his plan to respond to these challenges and set a new course for the bank.