COVID-19 Education Policy Tracker

CGD’s COVID-19 Education Policy Tracker provides information on school closures and reopening following the COVID-19 pandemic. The school closures tab includes information on the timing and length of closures, the number of confirmed cases when schools closed, distance learning plans, and additional supports offered to students and families while schools are closed. The reopening tab records the date of school reopenings as well as information related to safety precautions, accelerated learning, and more. 

Information included in the tracker comes from a mix of sources including official reports from governments and international organizations, government social media pages, and news reports. All sources are linked in the spreadsheet.

Please note, this tracker was last updated on October 19 2021.

For those unable to access Google Docs, a downloadable version of the spreadsheet is available here. .

For enquiries relating to this database, please contact education program coordinator Christelle Saintis-Miller at